Now that we have gotten through the holidays and maybe kicked off some New Year’s resolutions, one of mine was to find simple ways to save this year.  Here are 5 simple suggestions I found helpful!

  1. Change your HVAC filter (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) regularly. If these filters are dirty your system has to work harder to push the air.
  2. Switch to LED bulbs. While they are slightly more expensive, they use less energy and last longer (up to 20 years).  According to a recent USA today article, replacing 5 of your most used lights with Energy Star approved LED bulbs can save you around $75.00 annually!
  3. Laundry Savings – My mom taught me to leave room in the wash so the clothes have room to swish around and get clean. But did you know leaving room in the dryer is important too?  Leave about 25% of available space in the dryer for the air to circulate.  Otherwise, additional drying time is required which uses additional electricity.
  4. In the kitchen – Use your microwave instead of your stove when you can. On average, your microwave can use two-thirds less energy than the stove.
  5. Install programmable thermostats. Automate your heating and cooling to increase savings.  And if you leave home and forget to adjust your thermostat, it can be done remotely from your cell phone (make sure the one you purchase has this option and you have a Wi-Fi connection in the home).  Currently we are liking the NEST.  We are testing the NEST thermostat in our home now and so far it is very user friendly!

What are some of your favorites?  What are you doing to save money in 2018?

There is more great savings information in this article from The Family Handyman:

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